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Ombudsman’s Office

In line with current legislation, Rio Bravo Investments has an Ombudsman’s Office within its organizational structure. This office was created to serve as a communication channel between Rio Bravo and its clients; it is used as a last resort to resolve claims that could not be settled through Rio Bravo’s other client service channels (“CONTACT US” tab). 

Rio Bravo’s Ombudsman’s Office is responsible for:  

a) receiving, recording, fact-finding, analyzing, and formally and appropriately handling any claims by Rio Bravo’s clients and users of products and services that were not settled through the ordinary channels;  

b) providing any necessary clarifications and advising claimants on the progress of their claims and the measures taken;  

c) advising claimants of the projected timeline for final resolution, which may not exceed 10 (ten) business days (this time limit may be justifiably extended once); and  

d) forwarding the conclusive resolution to the claim within the above timeframe.​  

Rio Bravo believes that its Ombudsman’s Office is an important tool for mapping its activities and maintaining its high standards for service provision.​  

For more information, view Rio Bravo’s Ombudsman’s Office Policy here.

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